Accept All Requests for Airport City

Using this userscript, you can add a button to the Messages tab of Airport City, that allows you accept all 50 requests in one click. Then you only need to wait for them to go through to the server.

Here's how to install it in three easy steps. You will need either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (or perhaps Internet Explorer will do, see below) as a browser.

Express lane for the techy: Add this script to Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey or similar.

1. Install the userscript plugin

By installing an addon or extension to your browser, you can enhance the functionality of websites. Accept All Requests is such an enhancement.

If you have Mozilla Firefox install the Greasemonkey addon, by clicking here.

If you have Google Chrome install the Tampermonkey extension, by clicking here.

Follow the instructions on the respective websites and your browser to successfully add the plugin to your browser.

If you installed the addon for Firefox, after restarting your browser, you should see in the top bar a smiling monkey face icon: Greasemonkey

If you installed the extension for Chrome, the top bar should now have a black square icon with two circles in it like so: Tampermonkey

2. Add the userscript

After the addon or extension is installed, you need to add the userscript into the addon by simply clicking the following link.

In Firefox, you will get a confirmation dialog. Wait for the countdown and click Install.

In Chrome, you will get two confirmation boxes. Click OK on both of them.

3. Go to Airport City

After the plugin and userscript are successfully installed, you don't need to do anything else. You can safely close all the tabs or windows you opened during step 1 and 2.

Visit Airport City as you do normally, and the Messages tab should now include a button to accept all requests in a single click!




I'm on Chrome, and when I attempt step 2, a yellow bar says "Apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website." Can I not use the script?
Yes, you can. Chrome recently changed their policy, which has made this bar appear. However, this bar has got nothing to do with the functionality of Tampermonkey. If you clicked OK on both of the dialogs Tampermonkey gives you, the script has been installed, despite the confusing yellow bar. If you want to make sure, click the Tampermonkey icon Tampermonkey and select "Options" from the menu. If you see a list item that says "Accept all requests for Airport Cit...", the script is installed and functional.

What about sending gifts back?
Since version 0.5, the script will send gifts back as well, if you check the "Run a second pass to send gifts back" checkbox. However, this will make the Facebook request dialogs flash by, so it's recommended to use a second Airport City tab if you'd actually like to play to game at the same time.

Will I get viruses or other problems with this method?
No. The Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey plugins are used by hundreds of thousands of users without any known security issues. The script you're running is made by me, Oskari Grönroos. It cannot cause any harm to your computer.

Can you access my Facebook information?
No. The script doesn't actually even run on Facebook, but rather on the 6waves website that hosts the game. Furthermore, the script doesn't actually contain any functionality to collect or store any information that it could access (basically limited to who sent what to you). For the more technologically inclined, you can look at the source code to see for yourself what it does.

Is this against the terms and conditions? Can I get into trouble using this?
You shouldn't get into any trouble. This script does not exploit any bugs or loopholes in the game, and using it doesn't actually give you any real advantage over other players. It doesn't work on its own when you're away from your computer, it doesn't generate requests out of thin air, it doesn't give you more items than you're supposed to get — you still need other players to manually send you things. Furthermore, to actually use these items in the game, you still need to manually collect collections or use items from the warehouse, one by one. This script simply facilitates correcting what honestly is an oversight on the part of 6waves - accept all requests. That being said, use this script at your own risk. I don't take responsibility for any harm you may or may not get yourself to into the way of.

I have a friend who might want this. Can I tell him/her about this script?
Absolutely! Please tell all your fellow Airport City players about this script. In my opinion, this is functionality that should exist in the game by default, and therefore, the more players using it, the better. Just direct your friends to this page —

I use Internet Explorer. Can't I use this script?
Maybe. There are addons for Internet Explorer with the same concept as Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey. Two examples are Trixie and IE7Pro (which, despite the name, I'm told works with Internet Explorer 9 as well). However, as I don't have Internet Explorer, I can neither guarantee that these addons or the script itself will work, nor can I provide any support for it. If you can set it up on Internet Explorer, awesome! If not, I'd suggest moving onto a better browser.

I love you! What can I do in return?
No need to do anything. Just have fun playing Airport City, and be generous to your A/C neighbors!





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