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Never Eat Alone


Reinventing the workplace, one lunch at a time.

Match with coworkers to meet them for lunch, or join ad-hoc group lunches. Meet your colleagues from different departments and share knowledge across offices.

Mobile web first.

While Never Eat Alone already had an existing mobile app for iPhone and Android, a mobile web version was required to cater to other mobile platforms. The general design elements were already set, but the mobile web design introduces a completely fresh take on the existing product and its look and feel.

Multi form factor development.

The web version was developed to support phones, tablets and desktop computers with both mouse and touch controls. Built on established standards and best practices, as the app would be used by employees of large companies such as Danone, BNP Paribas, Engie, Johnson&Johnson and more.



Ask questions, spark discussions.

Tally'o allows users to ask questions from the community, see what people think, and spark new and interesting discussions.

Minimal but conventional.

While the design of the app is still partially deconstructed and minimal, due to the broad appeal of the app, conventional use patterns were still utilized.

Function and form.

By minimizing the amount of design elements, the interface gets to rely more on the content. This drives the focus on the text, image and video content generated by users, without design flair getting in the way.



Plan get-togethers with friends and ease.

Rendezvous is a stylish and quick way to plan big get-togethers, outings and house parties with your friends. Easily land on a place and time, and see who's actually coming.

Modern, innovative interface.

The app is aimed at a young millennial crowd, so an innovative and unique design approach was required. The deconstructed UI is very minimalistic, and relies on heavy use of saturated gradients for a fresh and vibrant look.

Simplified to a T.

While other apps tend to want to enumerate and codify everything, the simplistic design here allows for fuzzy entries; in suggesting a place or a thing to do for the group, the user can choose a nearby popular venue or event, but also a simple word.

Always available.

With a custom keyboard shipping with the app, the scheduling functionality is instantly available in every messaging app. The other user does not require an account or even to download the app, as a web-based facsimile allows scheduling with just a nickname.



The quick way to redeem expenses.

Cinqo is a simple way for companies to issue lunch vouchers for their employees, and the employees to redeem their lunch expenses, in a simple and convenient snap-and-forget interface.

Digital vouchers in one's pocket.

The employee's company can automatically issue digital vouchers that can then be consumed by the employee in a simple app that doesn't require merchants to participate.

Simple but effective.

The app features a simple and intuitive interface, with generous whitespace and an understated color palette for a cleaner look.



The best way to manage your and your family's health.

Vytal keeps track of the medications, appointments, medical contacts, documents and vital metrics for you and your entire family.

The ultimate medical almanac.

Vytal is designed to be the one and only place for all of the user's medical data. Doctor's appointments, vaccination dates and medication for the entire family are all kept in a beautifully designed schedule.

The ultimate medical tracker.

Vytal also allows the user to track any medical number of their choice; weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, or even anything arbitrary that can be expressed with numbers. It then keeps records and draws graphs.

The ultimate medical calendar.

Vytal will automatically create recommendations for checkups for the user and their child based on their information, as well as provide relevant information about an ongoing pregnancy.



Find people to meet and places to be.

With Shuffle, you can find new cool places around you, and new people to discover these places with. By simply selecting words from carousels, you can construct a sentence that describes your ultimate night out.

A clear path.

With the continuous vertically scrolling user interface, getting from plan to action is a direct one-directional path. The bright and vibrant gradient follows the user throughout the super minimalistic interface.

Simplified choices.

The app presents available choices and simple decisions, in order to make the process as thoughtless as possible; discovering places and meeting new people should be a thing you don't even think about, it just happens.

Le Petit Parisien


A French bread in New York.

Le Petit Parisien takes its name and inspiration from the largest French newspaper of the early 1900s. In the heart of East Village, the quaint little shop serves authentic French style sandwiches and coffee.

A rustic brand.

The logotype for the brand was modeled after the logo of the original newspaper, which also adorns the walls of the shop. A pale red and blue color palette echoes the colors of the French flag.



Every property search needs a little TLC.

TLCengine is a property search engine, which introduces a new metric; Total Lifestyle Cost, or TLC. You can now see beforehand exactly how much living in a particular property will cost you each month, from mortgage repayments and commuting to lawn care and cable packages.

Dive deep into the decisions.

Much like all property search products, the interface is very heavy on forms, which have to be easily understood. The clean and airy mobile design helps make only one decision at a time.

Data driven interfaces.

Any user interface that doesn't display a long form tends to need to display huge amounts of data points instead. These data points are organized in simple and clean ways to make it possible to understand the data at a glance.



See who's around.

Doko is the rolodex for nomads. Opening the app, you see a list of your Facebook and Doko friends, organized by who's in town, and who's nearby. Now it's easy to link up with old friends while you're both in town.

Simple gestures for a simple app.

Since the app has very simplistic functionality by design, the interaction with it is also simplistic. Swipe on a friend to reveal contact options. Swipe down to reveal app settings.

Local branding.

When Doko detects your city, the design adapts to the locale. The header bar only displays the name of the city, and the main image becomes the pre-selected image for the city.

Selected clients & past work

  • ABC Gruppen
  • Adolpha
  • American Express
  • Bois Richeux
  • Cinqo
  • Duologue
  • Endure Technology
  • House of Fluff
  • Isabelle Langlois
  • Jane Puylagarde
  • John Paul
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • McCann
  • Modern Models
  • Moneyjar
  • My Virgin Kitchen
  • NerdCubed
  • Never Eat Alone
  • Partny
  • Religion.me
  • Seattle Genetics
  • Thalus
  • Vytal
  • Workwell
  • Zoo Uniform